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my new 9 to 5

So about that new job I got. As a professor. At a University here in Dallas.

I bet y’all have been dying for an update. {Errrr….perhaps not?}

So, it’s kicking my ass. Hard. But in the very best way. I love it, like shout-from-the-rooftops love it.

A bit about my schedule:

It is non-stop all day {starting at 7am, ending at 6pm} on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, teaching several sections of two different classes plus a lab.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t teach class, so I spend those days preparing for my Operations Research Models class {read: math intensive}. Side note: Whoa Nelly, I have DEFINITELY slept since I took this course in college. I am basically relearning everything. Can anyone say calculus and crazy-ass algebra?

Weekends are spent researching and preparing for my Engineering Management class. When I used to teach this class, I co-taught with another professor who was very particular about how the class was to be administered.  Now that it’s just me teaching solo, I wanted to do something different {and hopefully more fun} with the class. So what does that mean? That I am starting from scratch. With everything.

Now, class time is divided between lecture notes, journal/newspaper articles about real-life topics, films/clips, and discussions about various Harvard Business Review case studies.  And all of that? TAKES FOREVER TO PREPARE FOR. But it’s worth it. I want my students to actually learn something about the real world, about what it’s like working for various companies/corporations, how every company has something to offer {even if it’s not specifically engineering related}, how someday my students might face some very real issues such as the Enron scandal or the financial crisis currently plaguing the economy.

In other news, have I mentioned that my office? Is thebomb.com. {You can thank Grits for that one.} I can decorate it however I want, which, coming from a place with yellow laminate cubes and people who eat their toenails, is a major step up from my old job! And I have a window. Holla!

Isn’t she pretty?

A few of you have emailed me asking about my daily attire. So yeah, now I have to shave my legs, put on make-up, curl my hair, and wear dresses. Not my favorite thing in the world, but I am getting used to it. In good news, I get to buy pretty shoes!

So that’s what’s shakin’ around these parts. Catch you later, alligators.

  1. Hooray new job, new pens, new office! And here’s to hoping that once you get all the hard work of planning your classes for this semester, it will be easier in future semesters? Wash rinse repeat with new students maybe?

  2. Yay! You’re back!! Once again, I am soo soo SO pumped for you on the new job, I’m sure you’re amazing and all the hard work will be worth it! I’m sure it’s so nice to be working hard for something you enjoy for a change! Keep the posts coming!!!

  3. Congrats on the job! Have you had any students recognize you as Mojito Maven yet??

  4. Yea! Congratulations again! Your office looks amazing and I hope it continues to be a happy and fulfilled journey for you!

  5. So glad to hear you are enjoying your new job! Take it from a current college student, I SO wish some of my professors had the same attitude you do in regards to teaching! Trust that your hard work is definitely appreciated and WILL pay off!

  6. You are going to be so great in this role! LOVE the kate spade coffee mugs on your desk.

  7. I am SO thrilled for you! It sounds like an amazing job and I bet you are a great professor. I love how you have decorated your office.

  8. I love how enthusiastic and stoked you are for your job, I’m sure that makes a huge difference for your students. Sounds like the perfect job for you.

  9. Um, I’d really like it if you’d transfer to my Uni when I start in January and be my ENGL professor. I know you’re amazing at what you’re doing. I know that even if they don’t say it to you, your students will appreciate every ounce of hard work you’re putting into their educations. You’re going above and beyond and I’m just so thrilled for you, friend!

  10. Take it from someone in the “education world”– Your effort (And I know it takes A LOT of time and energy) will be SO appreciated, and your students will be so much better off because of you and your approach! You may have just begun this new adventure, but in my book, you’ve already been successful! Keep it up, MM! :)

  11. It’s nice to hear you are changing things up, I know it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort but it will be so rewarding when your students aren’t sleeping in your class but actually participating and enjoying your discussions! Congrats! You will rock! Show us some of your new shoes!

  12. I am so happy for you MM! It’s wonderful to hear you are finally enjoying your job and doing SO much to help your students in the future! I really hope they appreciate all the work you are putting into preparing for class!

  13. I came across this blog through Blue Eyed Bride, and I just wanted to say hello and I love your blog!! Also, I’m from Littleton and went to Heritage (and am studying to be an engineer)! Small world:) good luck with the professor job! It looks great!

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